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We at the POI are big believers that the ability to predict the outcome of a promotion, or series of them, is a serious rallying point for manufacturer/retailer collaboration. Ultimately, it is the means of getting buy-in from retailers that will stem increases in trade spend, reduce promotional non-compliance, and lead to better business results for both parties. However, being able to optimize a promotion is not just about having a predictive solution. There is much more to it than that. We must point out that the POI 2017 TPx and Retail Execution Survey found that 67% of respondents have no ability to simulate promotional outcomes. Thus, it is still a very worthwhile aim and can yield competitive advantage for those who can do so. Access the complete document.



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"Thanks for having me at the Promotion Optimization Institute Dallas conference. The event was fantastic and I will always remember where I was when the Cubs won the World Series - hanging with the best of POI attendees!! I look forward to seeing you at future events."
Darren Parsons, VP, Trade Marketing, VP, Retail Sales & Business Development

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