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POI seeks to serve its members by identifying strategic leadership focal points and streamlining critical leadership headlines on critical issues and emerging trends, while incorporating the 2019 benchmarking survey results. We look at both the successes and challenges in the promotion and distribution of consumer products, and then analyze them at global events and through written research, share groups, webinars, and advisory services. The focus areas of this survey were selected based on the summation of our beliefs about where the challenges exist today and a desire to socialize the topics and recommendations with industry leadership.

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2019 State of Industry Report Cover

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"Thanks for having me at the Promotion Optimization Institute Dallas conference. The event was fantastic and I will always remember where I was when the Cubs won the World Series - hanging with the best of POI attendees!! I look forward to seeing you at future events."
Darren Parsons, VP, Trade Marketing, VP, Retail Sales & Business Development

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